Welcome to GEM, a social enterprise, run by a global community of young people, all who have completed our GEM Coaching Program.

Just like you, they found their way to this bookings page and are ready for personal change! 

GEM’s coaching program teaches young people first-hand how to become aware of their emotional states and in this way, continue to build lives with a focus on inspiration, creativity, and connection.



The power of the GEM Coaching Program is twofold. First you embark on learning about emotions, where we teach you how to give your emotions meaning . Next, we Connect you to other like-minded Gems, where you have the option to join a vibrant community. We believe the action that happens in your life post-coaching is accelerated when you join the GEM Community, which will continue to inspire and amplify your personal growth.

Our online GEM Coaching Program is a fun program that incorporates philosophy, neuroscience, and more! Most importantly, GEM coaches teach you the power of critical thinking, logic, and attentional bias – learnings to help you build the tools to be able to integrate emotional awareness and engage your creativity. In this way, GEM provides the kind of support you need to make improved decisions. 

How do we do this?  

The GEM Program delivers a series of supported stages in a tailored way. The following steps are designed to help you reach the goal of why you got in touch with us in the first place!





Is the life I’m living my own? We mentor you on becoming conscious of your past, present, and future belief systems, and how these impact on your sense of emotional wellbeing, authenticity, and meaning.


What are these feelings and where are they coming from? We educate you on the language of emotion and help you make sense of feelings, how they regulate or dysregulate our mood-states, and their impacts on our everyday life. 

3. PLAY 

Find the White Rabbits?! We show you the impact of attentional bias, and the ways in which emotions play a role in our brain’s processing of information around us. We also aim to explain phenomena such as synchronicity and its influence as another potential bias.


What gives you meaning? We ask you what your passions are and help you to unravel the definitions of meaning. These are ‘coherence’ or making sense of your life, your ‘purpose’ or goals, aims, and direction, and significance or your life’s inherent value – what makes life worth living.


How can I improve my decision-making? Importantly, how can I manage my emotional states when pressured to make big decisions in my life (career, relationships, etc.)? At Step 5, we provide you with evidence-based methods to learn how to become more critical in your decision-making, how to self-regulate any ‘negative’ emotions, and, in the long-term, better manage your mood-states. Better decisions lead to a sense of joy, passion, and purpose day-to-day!


What is your main challenge – right now – that you need support with? After you have the insight and tools (steps above), your coach is there to provide you with ongoing support, assisting you with clarity to be able ask yourself concise and informed (less conflicting and abstract) questions. The answers can then become crystal clear to you, so you can go out and take informed action. At this stage of your coaching, we are also here to recommend to you any additional support from external service providers if you need it (GEM’s preferred clinical service providers that are just so loving and supportive!).

After experiencing the GEM Coaching Program, you become a Gem, part of our vibrant community – where your creativity is back online (so to speak!). This whole process enables you to become more resilient when faced with future challenging decisions! Speak to ANY of our Gems and they will share their GEM Journey with you! 



Our coaches teach from the heart and embody what it means to be a Gem. Each of our coaches is a program alumnus who has completed the coaching program and gone on to lead full lives utilising their GEM tools. 

Meet the coaching team here



To start your GEM journey, you’ll begin with an initial coaching package of approximately 4 hours (at times, we run into up to 6 hours) of customised one-on-one coaching with a GEM coach, valued at AU $450. These coaching sessions are broken down into approximately 4 separate 1-hour sessions. We work around your personal schedule. Our coaches work evenings and weekends too!

At the end of your sessions, you will have the tools to begin putting the GEM program into practice in your daily life by yourself, empowering your creativity, decision-making process, and working towards living your meaningful life. 


Before proceeding with purchasing your GEM Coaching Voucher and booking your first coaching session, please fill out our registration and consent form here. On this form, you will be prompted to fill out your personal details (with our personal information collection policy outlined), and informed consent for coaching. 


To pay for your GEM Coaching Voucher and book your first session, please scroll down to our Bookings window below. For ‘Service’, select ‘Couching Voucher Redemption – Session 1 (1h)’. For ‘Employee’, select your preferred coach. You’ll then be taken through to pick the date and time to book in your session (available times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time), fill in your details, and process payment. You will receive an email and invoice upon confirmation. 


To book in your second, third, or fourth GEM Coaching Voucher Session, please scroll down, select the relevant Service and your preferred coach, and follow the prompts (there is no paywall for these continuing sessions). 

If you choose, you can continue working with your coach after your GEM Coaching Voucher by purchasing a 45-minute ‘Post Your Question’ session, valued at AU $85 each. These sessions are designed to help you navigate challenging decisions and life events by providing extra support, applying the tools you have learnt with further guidance from our experienced team. To book one of these sessions, please scroll down, select the relevant Service and your preferred coach, and follow the prompts.