GEM Connect Pty Ltd (GEM) is a social enterprise that provides support to young people aged 18-30. Our education services, as well as access to a support network, connects young leaders from all walks of life to other like-minded individuals, resources, and services in the community. Like us, our professional networks take massive action, put you first and ensures your well-being comes first.


If you are a young person aged 18-35 wishing to access GEM’s coaching and psychosocial support services, please visit our service bookings page here. Upon booking your first session, you will be prompted to fill out your details to register, as well as to read and sign our consent of service form. 

If you are requiring professional mental health support, in addition to the coaching services that GEM provides, it is our recommendation to refer you to a qualified medical practitioner or clinical psychologist that practices the therapeutic mode of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapy). 

When first engaging the coaching and psychosocial support services of GEM, your coach will recommend you to access one of the above EMDR practitioners at the same time, or recommend that you see one of these practitioners instead of accessing our own services; this determination will be made via your first coaching contact to ensure whether or not GEM is the right kind of support for you. 

Your coach will inform you more about these referrals if necessary. The details of several EMDR practitioners  across Australia and internationally whom we highly recommend through GEM can be accessed here

Before accessing the services of an EMDR practitioner, you will need to visit a GP to obtain a referral letter and Mental Health Care Plan. With your consent, we may be able to reach out to one of our recommended EMDR practitioners on your behalf, letting them know of your intent to make an appointment with them and providing them details of your contact with us to enable you to receive – again – the right kind of support. For international clients (non-Australians) please contact our referral services on the link above who will explain their registration process.


If you are a parent and have had difficulty finding the right services for a family member – or need to discuss how to get your family member support, feel free to book online for a 45min consult and we can support you with this process.


If you are a mental health clinician wishing to refer your client to us to access the coaching and psychosocial support services of GEM Connect Pty Ltd, please contact us directly by clicking here.

When referring clients to GEM, please note that we are not a mental health service that provides treatment as a replacement to the clinical care already being given to them by you through your services. We are an education service that helps young people enable a healthy expression of emotional connection and enhance confidence and resilience in their decision-making process – not through clinical mental healthcare or psychological therapy, but through coaching around belief systems, well-being, and living with authenticity. 


GEM Connect Pty Ltd (GEM) is not a mental health or crisis intervention service. If you or someone you know are in urgent need of support or in an emergency, please contact emergency services on 000 if in Australia, or please visit here for emergency services internationally.

For mental health crisis counseling and support, the following are a list of services that may be able to help in Australia:


13 11 14
Provides 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services  


Beyond Blue

1300 22 4636
Provides 24-hour counseling and mental health support 


Kids Helpline

1800 55 1800
Provides 24-hour counselling for young people aged 5 to 25