Supporting & Connecting Young People


GEM Connect Pty Ltd is a social enterprise that works alongside health service providers, government, non-government, and academic organisations with the aim of supporting emerging young leaders around the globe by helping them improve their decision-making.

Much emphasis has been placed on help-seekers, but very little investment and support have gone into those who require the support but often don’t ask for it. Our key is to encourage and support these young individuals, mostly in their early-to-mid-twenties, using a personalised approach.

This rationale drives GEM to provide decision- and psychosocial support to these young individuals and assist them to become young leaders, who are empowered to enact their extraordinary purpose in a changing the world around them. GEM education programs have been in existence since 2004.

How does GEM work?

GEM has a team of coaches ready that lead with decision- and psychosocial support for individuals. Our online, one-to-one coaching service that delivers our program is grounded in ongoing empirical research data from the social and medical sciences. Our coaches are university educated and more importantly – are ‘young and powerful’ individuals themselves that have completed the GEM Program and live full lives. Our coaching success lies in the success stories of our coaches, who teach from the heart!

GEM also provides referral services to key health care providers for those GEMS that need additional support. Our aim is to harmonise, synchronise, and empower young people, who are driven to see their world around them as different to lead their own lives, stripped of fear.

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Because we believe each young person has an inner voice, one that needs to be heard. At GEM we are there to remind young people they have inner resources and are far more resilient than they “believe”. “One who has eyes is not told to look, as they will look themselves.” ~ Swahili wisdom .