1. New to GEM

Purchasing a GEM Coaching Voucher will provide you with at total of 4 hrs of online coaching, delivered in 1 hr slots, its application specifically tailored to you. After you pay for your Voucher, you will receive an email, which will provide you with details of the registration and booking process. Upon receiving your registration, your coach will call you to introduce themselves as well as take you through how the coaching program works.

2. Existing GEMS

This booking option is for all registered GEMS using our service, whether first time users of their vouchers or those that need ongoing support and encouragement. Post Your Questions is the service set up especially for returning GEMS experiencing challenging decision-making or at crossroads (career, study, personal, etc.)


Purchasing a GEM Coaching GIFT Voucher will provide the recipient with a total of 4 hours of online coaching delivered in 1 hr slots. Purchasing this for a friend or family member will require you to forward your redemption email to them once received. The recipient will be given instructions how to register and book.


Speak to one of our coaches to help you navigate your decisions around how to find the right service providers. Purchasing this 45min time slot provides you with a structured way to seek advice for yourself or someone else. You will receive a call back once you have booked and paid, and ticked our consent form to refer your inquiry to our team of industry referrals.


By proceeding with your booking, you will be consenting to our terms and conditions outlined here.