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During these world-changing times, the GEM Coaching Team aims to provide support and inspiration to our growing GEM community across the globe. Our interactive and complimentary Community Support Webinars serve this purpose.

GEM’s weekly webinars will provide a digital safe space where our community can come together in a live (and lively!) forum of discussion, ask the GEM Coaches questions about their most pressing concerns, and interact with each other for connection and community engagement.

Our webinars happen live every Monday at 6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (and at the corresponding time in other timezones).

Each month, our webinars are structured around a different theme, outlined in our monthly newsletter. Each webinar provides emotional insights, artistic insights, social entrepreneurial insights, and health and wellbeing insights, with each theme offered in alternating weeks.


Newcomers that have registered and provided their consent for our Community Support Webinars below will automatically be subscribed to our monthly newsletter. You will also begin receiving weekly email notices of each upcoming webinar, details on how to access them on Zoom, and the recordings of each past webinar. There is no need to keep registering your details on this webpage each week.

We ask that everyone please mute their microphones when not speaking, to ask any questions you may have only when prompted by our moderator (please type your questions into the Zoom chat function beforehand), and feel free to keep your video off or on – whatever’s most comfortable for you!

To join our webinars, please register your attendance and consent in our form below.

Please confirm that you agree to the above. For more information regarding Mental Health Service Referrals, please refer to our website SUPPORT tab, or click here: