Meet the Team

GEM is a company run for young leaders, by young leaders. The members of our leadership panel all allocate their precious time to projects, internal operations and research. Others are shareholders and drive our brand in a commercial capacity. Once team members become GEMS (completed their coaching program), some become agents, who are self-employed, using the GEM brand to develop their meaningful products and services that align with GEM's vision.

Angé Weinrabe

Founding Director of GEM, Angé Weinrabe, has worked one-to-one with youth who were labelled as disenfranchised and "difficult" by the mainstream systems. Angé found the youth to be extremely bright young people. She started to work with them in a formal support capacity as well as with various institutions, public and private sectors and individuals, to re-connect these young people with others, who are like-minded.

As an outcome of her GEM coaching program, skills and decision-support services have been provided to young people, enabling a vast number of individuals to flourish in their lives (relationships, employment and higher education).

Over the years of working with individuals, Angé found that the young person’s inner voice had either been silenced over time, or that it remained unexpressed. Taking this key aspect into account, Angé developed the GEM Method, which ensures that these young individuals are treated as such – as individuals.

In Ange’s experience, many young people are misunderstood, by their parents, their teachers and also by the society around them. Young people today are more stressed than ever, mainly as not taught more about resilience and need much psychosocial support. This “æffective” and individualised meaningful approach fuels Angé’s dedication to assist young people in a vulnerable stage of human development.

With her ongoing academic research as the foundation and using GEM as a commercial vehicle, Angé’s main aim is to align with WHO 2030 goals in order to target Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD’s) and its projected thirty-year effect on the health sector and global economy, and with the WHO 2004 goals, in order to find a way to address the Prevention of Mental Disorders (Affective Interventions and Policies).

Holding an Arts (Adv.) Hons Degree in Philosophy, The University of Sydney, and currently completing her post-graduate studies at the Brain and Mind Centre,  Sydney Medical School, Angé is investigating the hypothesis that dysregulated emotion (anxiety and depression) impairs decision-making in youth.

Angé draws a lot of her inspiration from her Supervisor, Prof. Ian B. Hickie, who works tirelessly to get young people the support they need at the right time and to bring awareness to the impact of Depression and its link to other Non-Communicable Diseases (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular.) Together, Angé, her external advisers, and her company’s round table of decision-makers give education meaning and connect young leaders to like-minded others locally and worldwide.

GEM's global decision-panel

Young leaders in their specialised fields supporting GEM as a New Social Health Movement

Alannah BROWNE

Eager to find her passion through lived experience, Alannah has gained commercial insight into a variety of fields. Her professional career began in Retail Telco, where she progressed into leadership roles in corporate Property and Finance. This she achieved whilst modelling and developing her own skincare brand. Alannah is currently Head of the Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Association (HBIA). Leading by example, Alannah’s passion is to incorporate the GEM Program in the corporate workplace; to provide teams with access to a new framework with which to view their professional goals and one that is built on awareness, trust and mutual support. She believes it is such skills and insight that is needed to live a meaningful, healthy and authentic life.


George is a passionate advocate for young people’s health, mental ill-health prevention and intervention. He has experience in healthcare, education and research. He currently works as a youth mental health support coordinator, and has previously worked as a practice administrator for headspace’s youth health clinics, as a telemedical administrator, and as a lecturer, tutor, and researcher at The University of Sydney in the comparative study of religion, cultural studies, and history. In addition to volunteering in LGBTQI+ community work, he is enrolled in a Masters of Social Work (Qualifying) at the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), and has a Certificate in Youth Mental Health and Technology from the Orygen Centre of Excellence.  George is excited to contribute to GEM’s operations and curriculum development as a youth health worker and educator.


Since graduating from the University of the Arts London in 2016, Bobby has been working in the creative media industry as a graphic designer. His success came from creating an award-winning magazine for the visually impaired community.

Bobby is passionate about not only the creative industries, but also travelling and seeing the world and all it has to offer. This passion is what has lead him to move from the UK to New Zealand to continue his career and start the next chapter of his life.

Bobby helps GEM in a creative capacity, working on finding and improving technological channels to enhance delivery of its coaching products, international projects and events. In this way, Bobby, helps GEM to more effectively keep young people engaged with its online platforms.


Ifalemi is a primary school teacher and music producer. Spending a better part of his life being an elite swimmer, Ifalemi has shifted his focus and energy in to his passion for music and teaching. Combined with a love for helping people, Ifalemi’s goal is to assist GEM with their music tools as a way to help youths and adults shift their focus away from their troubles and into a realm of imagination, love and peace. Ifalemi also runs runs a record label out of Sydney, SOUL SPILL RECORDINGS with fellow GEM member Laurence Viegas. As well as running a record label, Ifalemi and Laurence make binaural beats and dance music under the alias of Hiworld.

Shehzar ABRO

Currently pursuing a degree in Animation and Visual Effects, Shehzar is a creative following many passions in Vancover, Canada, Sydney Australia and Karachi, Pakistan. At the age of 18, Shehzar started managing and curating shows at the Movenpick Hotel Karachi Art Gallery, while exhibiting and producing his own artworks. Now 21, his murals and paintings are collected by the Pakistani High Commission in Canberra, Government of Sindh and housed in private collections around the world. Shehzar was also the official curator of the Consulate General of Pakistan in Sydney and a member of the first Karachi Biennale’s Outreach Committee. As the Curriculum Lead for the GEM Arts and Health Program (GEMAH), Shehzar uses his a expertise to enable GEM in thriving in the arts and health scene globally.



Matej became the youngest manager in the history of the global corporation U. S. Steel after completing his master’s degree in company management at economics. Given his strong analytical skills and passion for programming, he naturally became the leader in the area of software development. After spending over 5 years in the position and completing his Project Management Professional qualification, he decided to pursue a PhD in behavioral economics and management at Macquarie University, Sydney Australia, with a special focus on understanding the estimating biases and improving project planning processes. Matej suppoorts GEM’s as a team member to advise on online learning platforms to deliver its education training programs for young leaders worldwide.



Link has been working in the media and entertainment industry for the past five years, working alongside some of Sydney’s finest breakfast radio talent where he learnt a diverse range of skills such as radio broadcasting, interviewing, event planning and marketing across social media.

Moving to Sydney and living in the big city was an experience for Link and he feels very fortunate that he had the support of his fellow GEMS to follow his dreams. Link now would like to return the favour and give other people out there support and encouragement to follow their goals and dreams.

Link hopes to achieve this through his skills, passion, and love for music.

Laurence VIEGAS

Laurence is a music producer and graphic designer. Having experience working in secondary education and specialising in visual art and history, Laurence has found a useful link using creative and engaging activities for self-development and learning.

He hopes to assist GEM by using music to engage with young people and to learn more about Binaural Beats. Laurence runs a record label SOUL SPILL RECORDINGS which focuses on releasing atmospheric dance music by upcoming Australian artists. Visit https://gemconnect.bandcamp.com/track/binaural-beats to hear how Laurence connects soul to music


Samuel holds a BA Commerce, University of Sydney and is a proven commercial business manager with specializations in accounting, finance, great coffee and conversation. After graduating in 2014, Sam saw an opportunity to gain a holistic understanding of business and opened an espresso bar in Chatswood. Starting from just a concept, “The Steam Engine” is a successfully operating business with a mobile business component, and acclaimed Australia’s 15th Top Cafe by beanhunter.com in 2017. Sam has worked at The Galileo Group in the property development team where he guided projects from inception to completion and learnt valuable skills in research, feasibility & analysis and project management. Sam is GEM’s Commercial Lead and directs the company to thrive in the current business environment. Thus allowing it the freedom to effectively deliver its support to youth worldwide.


Sarah Browne’s diverse experience in the property industry led her to start her own company, Project Assist Pty Ltd. Working with home owners directly and estate agents, she facilitates and manages the process of improving properties and preparing them for market. Having extensively traveled, and lived in some of the world’s most economically challenged countries, she wishes to continue with her passion of helping those most in need. The same way GEM has assisted her through both her personal and professional endeavours, Sarah now aims to combine her commercial skill set and desire to give back. Increasing awareness through community engagement, she strives to engage individuals in GEM’s mission of empowering young leaders globally.


Sam is a mortgage adviser with a background including years in the mining and construction industries as well as studying architecture at the University of Western Australia.

Growing up in the isolated mining town of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Sam understands the importance of family and community support, especially in respect to mental health. He was the founder of clothing brand the Mighty, whose mantra, write your own story, endeavored to remove the stigma and encourage young people to talk about mental health.

Sam is involved in a youth mentoring program with Youth Off The Streets, which seeks to guide young adults through the transition from high school to work or tertiary studies. Sam’s broad background, passion for supporting young people and business acumen make him a valuable member of GEM.


As a behavioural and experimental economist, Michael connects Psychology with Economics in his research and teaching. He is passionate about teaching in an engaging way and has international lecturing experience ranging from undergraduate to MBA level.

Michal is a global citizen, who loves to travel and explore the hidden aspects of life – he connects with stakeholders across all industry and academia to find ways to translate research so as to help others.  He aspires to contribute to the GEM mission with his attention to detail and emphasis on rigorous research methods.

Michal also works to develop GEM”s network of global stakeholders that support and enable young leaders.

Team members work together as a decision-making panel and on global and Australian projects at different times. Some team members are shareholders of GEM Connect Pty Ltd and drive the overall company strategy, mainly because of their specialised field of expertise that contribute to our innovative leadership business model.